What we do

Our attention to every detail


Sevitex has made the selection of the best raw materials one of its strengths, keeping the quality standards at every stage of its production process and ensuring a high quality product that can guarantee over time with elegance, softness, strength.

It produces fabrics with Egyptian and Turkish cotton yarn, among the best in the world. In the collections there are also linen, superior quality, pure or blended with cotton.


Sevitex, making use of properties looms, can perform at their best the complexity of the market requests.

The design and realization of exclusive design allows customization of the most demanding needs of its customers.

The new tissue structures are studied, the graphics of the different items are drawn and then the colours are created, realizing exclusive products for every customer.

Everything comes within the company in order to gain complete control, thanks to the experience of highly specialized personnel, formed internally, to ensure the authenticity of the  Sevitex brand Made in Italy.


All fabrics that are produced and manufactured within the company are hand-cut following the grain, ensuring a product that does not undergo deformation during washing and use.

During the cutting phase, the natural shrinkage of the fabric is taken into account in order to obtain a finished product, which after washing, reflects the measurements required by the customer.


In the company laboratories, highly qualified staff realizes the “tailored” to satisfy the customer requests and needs, by executing processes such as the hood hem, the hemstitch, the applied border and many other processes that make the Sevitex product unique and exclusive.


Sevitex customizes the products of its customers through wire embroidery. It is possible to realize any type of customization in different colors and on any fabric to create unique products.