About Us


The company Sevitex, always active in the production of linen intended for hotels, restaurants, caterings, sports clubs including spas & wellness centers, was established in 1969 by Raniero Sevi. His passion, along with his wife Renata Bolzoni, founded “Sebotex”, then 10 years later, took the name of Sevitex.

From birth until 1995, the company has been active in contract manufacturing of linen for leading Italian companies in the sector, and this experience has enabled the founder to acquire the expertise needed, even in fields other than manufacturing, such as those of purchasing of raw materials, marketing of the finished product, a dream that has been realized through the production  of the Sevitex brand.

Raniero in 1995, bought his first texture, which allowed them to begin production on their own.

The older son of Raniero, Maurizio, followed his father since he was young. He, also fascinated by the way to form from the raw material, and knew it was possible to make a finished product, with attention to every detail. Maurizio was so attracted by the work of his father and decided to learn the art and craft, alternating school, and his presence in the company alongside his father.

The years spent with his father have allowed Maurizio to acquire the secrets of the trade, the craftsmanship of textile manufacturing, attention to detail, the creation of unique and elegant embroidery.

The other two children of Raniero, Rita and Massimo, once graduated, have started being in charge of the company.

Today, after the death of the founder Raniero, the company is run by his sons Maurizio, Massimo and Rita, all working full time even if several functions in order to cover all the key roles in order to maintain the company.

All the distinctive elements of Sevitex products, which underline the uniqueness compared to those of competitors, have been handed down from father to son in order to preserve their high quality, which is also reflected in the choice of raw materials (linen, cotton). Currently Sevitex can boast two textures in Brianza and in the province of Turin, as well as a laboratory for finishing in Rome that has remained the registered and operational Office.

After about 45 years Sevitex is still present in the linen market, always produced in a traditional way, using the same qualified staff that guarantees the quality of its products, where finishing work is done with care and in every detail, so as to safeguard the uniqueness of the products in terms of comfort, softness and elegance.

In the last years Sevitex is specialized to produce their over head, evenly completing custom products requested by customers, combining the highest quality / price.

Now the company has started a new cycle of his life, with the collaboration of Raniero’s grandchildren, the third generation, which is bringing enthusiasm and new ideas, in marketing for the development of the image and brand, and in the commercial outlook on foreign markets, safeguarding the product line, Made in Italy, which remains the hallmark of Sevitex.